My work focuses on G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs), which are a super-family of trans-membrane proteins that mediate an array of important functions in the human body. About a third of curently marketed drugs are targeting GPCRs, and GPCRs remain great targets to further therapeutic intervention on various diseases.

Understanding the structural basis for GPCR activation, complex GPCR pharmacology and ultimately drug binding are key to rational drug design. I develop and apply in silico methods to answer such questions on a range of GPCR targets in the Drug Discovery Biology laboratory.

I am a PhD candidate in Prof. Patrick Sexton's laboratory.


COMBINE COMBINE.org.au is the Australian student organisation for bioinformatics & computational biology. I joined COMBINE in August 2013 and have been on the national committee as Web & Communication coordinator over 2014-15. During that time we have grown COMBINE from its Melboure beginnings to a truely national organisation. I now remain a COMBINE Melbourne committee member and participate in the organisation of local workshops, seminars and social events. My latest highlight with COMBINE was organising and chairing the 2014 COMBINE Student Symposium.

Monash Parkville Forum The Monash Parkville Forum organises regular events inviting professionals from various sectors to present their career journey. The aim is to empower young researchers, expose them to a multitude of career opportunities including in academia, law, industry, business and communication and promote networking with our invited speakers. I co-founded the Monash Parkville Forum together with two other PhD candidates in July 2014, and we have run three successful events.

Software Carpentry The Software Carpentry (SWC) Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization whose members teach researchers basic software skills. After helping at several SWC workshops, I undertook the training to become a certified SWC instructor. I have tought Python at a COMBINE-organised workshop, I find this to be a very rewarding experience and I look forward to many more!