My hello world post, thanks to ResBaz

I am currently attending the ResBaz conference in Melbourne, a great initiative that brings together multidisciplinary researchers who have a common goal of learning about and sharing their knowledge of digital tools. I have been helping out with Python programming, and am currently improving my knowledge of Git.

With the tool centric format of this conference, I found myself sharing information about favourite tools more easily. That was further facilitated by a "research tools" poster session, all attendees were asked to fill out a poster template that focuses on the tools they use, and what they do with them.

I have been wanting to start a simple website for a while, in order to have a landing page that I control, and possibly to have a medium where I can share research related write-ups. And thanks to #ResBaz, it has finally happened! I was looking at the Cameron McLean's tool poster, and he had a webpage (a web hosting solution I had been wanting to try). I found him at the conference and within the day I had my first website running!

I used the Poole/Hyde template, and have started making changes to it: the look of the website now may very well change quite a bit as I understand a bit more about CSS syntax.

I must thank Cameron (@cammerschooner) for his kind help, and the ResBaz conference for making this happen!